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Construction Industry

Useful Links

AIA - The American Institute of Architects
BLUE BOOK of Building and Construction
BuildingOnline - Building Industry Search Engine
Construction Information Sources Database
FEDEX - Federal Express
USPS - U. S. Postal Service
Western Union
IRS - Internal Revenue Service

AIA Locations

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Cleaveland, Inc.

AIA Florida

AIA Tampa Bay

AIA Chicago                                           

AIA Indiana

AIA Kansas

AIA Louisiana

AIA Potomac Valley Chapter

AIA Michigan

AIA Kansas City
AIA St. Louis

AIA Montana

AIA Nebraska

New Mexico
AIA Albuquerque

New York
AIA/Brooklyn Documents
AIA Rochester

AIA Cincinnati
AIA Cleveland
AIA Columbus
AIA Dayton

AIA Eastern Oklahoma

AIA Pittsburgh

AIA Austin                                             
AIA Fort Worth                                        
AIA Houston                                           
AIA Lower Rio Grande Valley                  
AIA San Antonio                                     

Serviceblue Reprographics                       

AIA Virginia Society of the                       

AIA Spokane                                          

West Virginia
AIA West Virginia                                   

AIA Wisconsin                                      


AIA Arizona
AIA Baltimore
AIA Birmingham
AIA Central Oklahoma
AIA Charlotte
AIA Chesapeake Bay
AIA Chicago
AIA Cleveland
AIA Colorado
AIA Columbus
AIA Connecticut
AIA Continental Europe
AIA Dallas
AIA Delaware
AIA Detroit
AIA East Bay
AIA Eastern New York
AIA Eastern Ohio
AIA Eastern Oklahoma
AIA Florida
AIA Fort Worth
AIA Houston
AIA Idaho
AIA Illinois
AIA Inland California
AIA Iowa
AIA Kansas
AIA Kansas City
AIA Kentucky
AIA London/UK
AIA Los Angeles
AIA Louisiana
AIA Maine
AIA Maryland
AIA Massachusetts
AIA Memphis
AIA Michigan 
AIA Middle Tennessee
AIA Minneapolis

AIA Minnesota
AIA Monterey Bay
AIA Montana
AIA Nebraska
AIA New Jersey
AIA New Orleans
AIA New York Chapter
AIA New York State
AIA North Carolina
AIA Northeast Illinois
AIA Northern Minnesota
AIA Northern Nevada
AIA Northern Virginia
AIA Oklahoma
AIA Orange County
AIA Orlando
AIA Pasadena & Foothill
AIA Pennsylvania
AIA Philadelphia
AIA Pittsburgh
AIA Portland
AIA Potomac Valley
AIA Queens
AIA Redwood Empire 
AIA Rhode Island

AIA Rochester
AIA San Francisco
AIA San Mateo County
AIA Santa Barbara
AIA Santa Clara Valley
AIA Seattle
AIA South Carolina
AIA St. Louis
AIA St. Paul
AIA Tampa Bay
AIA Washington
AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson
AIA Wisconsin
AIA/California Council
Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Texas Society of Architects/AIA
Virginia Society of the AIA
Washington Chapter/AIA

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Engineer-Cad.Com is a Florida Career Site for Engineering, Architecture and Construction Management Professionals.

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American Steel Span Buildings



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